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This week, Erica traveled into Jensen Beach, Fl to receive 2 beautiful Reverie Harps built by Tom! Tom is passionate about getting these harps to the young and old in Palm Beach County. He believes in the power of music making! He is excited that his creations will be given to The Els Center of Excellence in Jupiter Florida to be used with kids, teens and adults with autism!

Thank you, Tom!

Erica and Tom with the beautiful Reverie Harp

Summer plans? Join us for Music Therapy and Music Experiences this Summer ’19!

  • Els Center of Excellence in Jupiter, Florida!
    • Adult Music Therapy Group on Tuesdays! Starting June 11th at 2pm!
    • Music Therapy at The Moovin’ and Groovin’ Summer Camp starting July 2nd!
  • Individual Sessions are available! Please contact erica@mywholevibes to schedule an initial evaluation. Our schedule will fill up quickly by August!

Life Hack: How to Connect with Your Kids

This is an easy way to use music to help you relax and de-stress! This can also be used to decrease feelings of anxiety and support any physical discomfort or distress!

  • Identify music that your kids like and validate them by letting them play their songs/instruments/singing and listening with them! When you take a moment to be on their level, it means so much and helps with rapport and trust!

  • Create shared playlists and explore songs each of you like/dislike and express why- this is a great way for you to get to know each other!

  • Play musical games like “name that tune” hum a familiar song and have your kids guess what it is and vice versa!

  • Get your kids to open up through songwriting- create a song lyric and allow them to fill in the blanks with things like feelings, wants and needs. This is non-threatening and creates a safe space for your children to express themselves!

  • Make music together! Does your family sing, play instruments or even dance? Set time aside to do this together. It can build your bond and promotes trust (just be sure you’re not demanding perfection, only expecting expression).

  • Not the musical type of family? Nervous to sing with your kids? That’s OK! Be transparent, try to engage musically in one way or another OR maybe it’s time to find a music therapist to help your family be more engaged!

This is based off of a method music therapists use to increase relaxation for patients and clients. The beginning of your playlist should match your initial feelings or stress level (high) and as your playlist progresses, the stress should fade. By the end of your playlist, you should feel more relaxed (low).

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