Planting and Growing

Plant your seeds and watch them grow!

I love the visual of planting a seed into the ground where it’s dark and you can’t see what’s happening, when in reality, that little seed is absorbing all of it’s nutrients and water to grow. That little seed eventually breaks through the soil and becomes a plant!

I apply this principle to my music therapy and music sessions: It may take many tries for clients to complete a musical task, follow a cue, play an instrument acruately or successfully participate in a session; however, I am always inspired because I view it as me planting a seed. Eventually (sometimes that 100,000th time) I get to observe that desired response, witness that achieved goal or hear that beautiful note. The many attempts, encouragement and support represent the seed and the desired outcome is the tree.

I am blessed to witness this with so many clients and students. If you missed this post on Facebook and Instagram this week, check this out (Be prepared to cry a little)!

This is a note from one of my guitar students on the autism spectrum. I am inspired to continue to share the gift of music with everyone!

Let’s keep planting and growing to improve our Whole Vibes!

Good vibes only,


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