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Virtual sessions support:

  • Meaningful Social Interactions
  • Communication Skills
  • Motor Functioning
  • Creative Expression
  • Stress Relief
  • Emotional Support

and MORE all through your computer screen!

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This is a reminder to WASH YOUR HANDS!

Time to Wash Our HANDS! Song Adapted from Bruno Mars’ song 24K Magic


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Preventative Measures

Here are a few ways we are staying healthy and asking our amazing families to help us by doing their part:

  1. Instruments are cleaned after each session. We use lysol or Clorox products to wipe each and every instrument and supply used in each session. If your loved one is sensitive to any of these products, please let me know and provide a preferred alternative.
  2. We are washing our hands and using hand sanitizer constantly! Please don’t be alarmed if we pause a session to wash our hands or use hand sanitizer especially after a sneeze or cough. If your loved one is sensitive to generic alcohol based sanitizer, please let me know and provide a preferred alternative.
  3. We are staying home when we are sick and want you to as well! Please help us not spread germs to any of our team and we will do the same! If your loved one or you are sick, please cancel your session (try to do so 24 hours in advance) and we will make sure to get you on the schedule when you are better-I promise!

How can we still have sessions if we are sick?


I’ve been facilitating some skype sessions for over a year with clients and for my own personal vocal coaching and it works great! We will just have to plan ahead, be creative and make sure you have visuals, supplies and ways to make music at home. We can also do this if you’re not sick as well! Just let me know!

Interability Chorus doing a SKYPE emotions training with Ms. Kristin!

What to do when home sick:

  1. Rest
  2. Hydrate
  3. Eat healing foods
  4. Listen to music!

Unlock my relaxation strategies post from a while back! https://mywholevibes.com/2019/04/29/whole-vibes/ the password is: wholevibestribe1

Upcoming Events and Groups!

We are thankful for our community partners that collaborate and support us and our music therapy mission!

Feeling STRESSED??

Consider music therapy to decrease stress. 
Relax to the max with your preferred music!
Music Therapy is proven to:

Lower heart rate

Lower respiration rate/ breathing distress

Promote Mindfulness (allows us to live in the present moment)

Lower anxiety that may be associated with stress

Lowers feelings of pain which may be caused by stress

Provide a way to express feelings associated with stress

Promote a positive and healthy way to cope with stress

Life Hack: How to Connect with Your Kids


Use your favorite music to help you relax.  Of course, you can simply turn on your go to relaxing song and listen; however, let’s take it a step further and make your own relaxation playlist!  This can be done on most streaming services.  Start off with a song or two that are faster in tempo and/or more intense in sound and make the next two songs a little slower/ less intense and continue decreasing tempo and intensity until you’ve come to two songs that are slow enough for you to take deep breaths with.  Remember start fast and end slow.  You can change this playlist at any time!  Use what works for YOU!

Additional tip: Add some aroma therapy to your personalized relaxation session!

Summer plans? Join us for Music Therapy and Music Experiences this Summer ’19!

  • Rhythm and Hues in West Palm Beach, Florida!
    • Come check out our intro music therapy sessions on Fridays at 10am! All are welcome!
  • Els Center of Excellence in Jupiter, Florida!
    • Adult Music Therapy Group on Tuesdays! Starting June 11th at 2pm!

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