2020 is HERE!

Let’s enter 2020 with expectation and a smile

Blessings in the New Year- Erica

What are you expecting to do and see this year?

We at Whole Vibes expect to:

  • Continue to provide outstanding music therapy and music experiences to individuals and groups with various needs and backgrounds.
  • Have 2 more successful seasons of our Interability Chorus and establish an additional chapter to expand this awesome program.
  • We have a GREAT relationship at our current office in Jupiter AND we look forward to opening up a “Whole Vibes House” of our own!
  • Facilitate more speaking and teaching opportunities in the community.
  • Have a team of 3 music therapists, teachers, and or creatives to serve more clients and provide more resources to the community!

We at Whole Vibes are smiling because:

  • We are grateful for clients and families like YOU!
  • We get to help our families through music therapy and love what we do!
  • We believe that these dreams and goals will happen!

Thank you for your support in 2019. We are excited about this year and if you are interested in helping us make these dreams a reality, please contact: erica@mywholevibes.com

Please share your expectations for your business, family or self for this year! We are all in this together. Cheers to an amazing year!

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