Right Place, Right Time

I embarrassed myself today…

Showed up early for a meeting (which is very impressive for me) only to find that I was too early…a whole week early! Unfortunately, I simply typed the wrong date into my calendar. I’m convinced that it wasn’t out of confusion or having a brain fart which happens sometimes. I know that it was out of my excitement to share the benefits of music therapy with the community!

I am always excited to discuss new ways to introduce music therapy and music interventions to new groups of people and just got ahead of myself today!

However, in the midst of my scheduling oversight, I had the chance to connect with new people just by sitting at Starbucks (where my originally planned meeting was) and at Whole Foods.

That was ANOTHER opportunity to share about what I get to do and how all of my clients and families like you benefit from music therapy. That means, I was still at the right place at the right time. I just had to see the opportunity in all of it!

I hope you can see the opportunity in all of your encounters. And just as a reminder, open your mouth and talk to people! You never know who holds the key to that next door you’re hoping to open!

I’m not sure if I’ll connect with those people ever again; however, more seeds were planted and one more life may change for the better because of their new knowledge of music therapy.

As I reflect with gratitude, I want to thank each of you for your support and encourage you to share your music therapy experiences with everyone you meet. You never know who may benefit from your story!


Here’s your OFFICIAL INVITE to The Interability Chorus Premiere Holiday Concert on December 13th at 6PM! Share and come! We can’t wait to see you there!

As always, I am here to help and answer questions about music therapy and any musical needs you may have! Contact me directly! 561-501-1086.

Be blessed, Erica

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