Autism in April!

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Autism Awareness Month

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (or ASD) is a social and communication disorder that effects individuals of all backgrounds. Approximately 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with ASD according to The CDC in 2018. While The entire spectrum ranges from people who are nonverbal and needing assistance with functional skills and self-care to verbal with some social deficits or learning delays or disabilities and even Asperger’s Syndrome. To find out more about ASD, click on this link:

The Benefits of Music Therapy with ASD

Music Therapy can help people on the Autism Spectrum reach many goals including:

  • Increased communication (verbal, nonverbal or with a device).
  • Increased gross and fine motor functioning by playing instruments.
  • Emotional recognition and regulation through singing and emotion themed interventions.
  • Self-expression through singing along into a microphone or playing a drum solo.
  • Redirection from unwanted behaviors by using a favorite song as a reinforcement.
  • Increased social awareness and interactions by sharing instruments with a peer or group.
  • Increased attending skills and focusing on a task by mirroring sounds on the piano.
  • Following directions through songs by singing along or following a visual chart.
  • Appropriate sensory input or output by playing instruments.

To discover more about the benefits of music therapy and ASD, click here:

Click to access MT_Autism_2012.pdf

Summer plans? Join us for Music Therapy and Music Experiences this Summer ’19!

  • Rhythm and Hues in West Palm Beach, Florida!
    • Come check out our intro music therapy sessions on Fridays at 10am! All are welcome!
  • Els Center of Excellence in Jupiter, Florida!
    • Adult Music Therapy Group on Tuesdays! Starting June 11th at 2pm!

Music Therapy Tip:

Here Comes the Sun…

Is it sunny where you are? Thankfully, it is in Florida! In case it’s not or if you’re in need of some sunny songs for your sessions, classes or just for a spring boost, check out my top 5 Sunshine song playlist!

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