Whole Mama

Support for Mommies

We walk with moms and support partners through how to use music to help mom calm and relax during periods of stress in the prenatal period which may lead to decreased instances of birth challenges.  We will also set the foundation for how to use music to bond with the baby during the prenatal and post-partum phases which promotes secure attachment and can create an easier transition from womb to parents’ arms.  We will teach ways to use music to ease the challenges of breastfeeding, lack of sleep and anything else that comes with having a newborn.

We provide several post-partum visits unlike other providers that provide one or two.  We believe that supporting families during the prenatal and post partum time period can increase the overall wellbeing of mom, support partners and baby.

Allow us to be a part of your journey for you and your baby.

For more information contact us:

561 – 501 – 1086