As Seen on TV! Choir for Adults with Special Needs!

Inter-Ability Chorus: Choir for adults ages 16 and up with special needs in Palm Beach County!

Whole Vibes has partnered with The Els Center and The Palm Beach Opera for a community chorus opportunity right in Jupiter, Florida. We accept various abilities and disabilities, verbal and nonverbal.

Erica Lyles, a board-certified music therapist and owner and director of Whole Vibes music therapy is excited to empower individuals with special needs musically! She says, “I believe anyone can be successful in music, no matter what challenges they face!”

Our mission is:

To develop singing and musical skills in adults with disabilities and special needs.

To promote self-confidence and self-esteem in adults with disabilities and special needs while preparing for and executing performances.

To engage adults with special needs with their preferred method of communicating and developing their self-expression abilities.  

To create a community for adults with special needs to engage with their peers in a non-threatening and socially enhancing atmosphere.

Our Vision is:

Gathering adults with disabilities and special needs and various abilities in South Florida to use their own voices and sing in one accord.  To develop adults with special needs and disabilities musically, communicatively, socially and expressively.

Check out this beautiful story that just aired on WPTV News Channel 5 in Palm Beach County Today (9/30/19)! We are truly honored!

Photo captured by: WPTV News Channel 5, WPB, FL

Interested in joining? This is the very last week to sign up!! Contact Whole Vibes’ director and chorus founder, Erica Lyles TODAY: 561-501-1086 or

Our historical performance will be on December 13th at 6pm!

Erica Lyles from Whole Vibes and (from left to right) Jennifer, James, Abbey and Michelle from The Palm Beach Opera after a training on working with persons with special needs in the chorus!

Thank you for your support! To find out ways to support our mission, please contact us on this page or facebook!

We were buzzing this week!

Whole Vibes Tribe Newsletter

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I tried a new intervention this week with my adaptive vocal clients! We rolled up pieces of paper and placed them on our lips to do our vocal warm-ups and exercises!

Why would we do such a thing?

I’m glad you asked!

Holding the paper up to our lips allows us to feel the vibrations that we are producing vocally. The vibrations cause us to be aware of the energy we are pushing forward and out of our mouth. When singing, it is important to make sure that energy is always moving forward for the best sound and that it doesn’t get “trapped” in your throat which leads to improper technique and possible vocal chord and muscle damage.

As we rolled out this method with my clients with autism, I noticed that they produced a clearer sound and really focused on the flow and direction of their vocals. This equals better technique and vocal functioning and a more pleasant sound overall.

What I love about music therapy is the ability to get creative and silly with interventions to help clients be most successful! Check out this clip of me with one of my girls this week!

Creating a buzz this week!

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School’s officially out!! What is your favorite song to end the school year? We blasted this one during our final classes at The Learning Academy in Jupiter, Fl!

Happy Summer, Whole Vibes Tribe!

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